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7 May 07:00-09:00

Combine networking, seminar & workout

At the Life Science Kickstart Breakfast seminar, you can combine a workout with a breakfast, a seminar, and networking. 

The event is at IKSU Sport. The breakfast and the seminar are held at Hansson & Hammar, close to the entrance. 

The seminar is held by Ulrika Bäckman, National Coordinator for EATRIS Sweden. 

The Seminar: "EATRIS - a single point of contact to academic infrastructure and expertise in Europe"

European Infrastructure for Translational Medicine (EATRIS) brings together over 150 top-tier research institutes from 14 European countries and provides fast and transparent access to the expertise, capabilities, and facilities available to translate scientific discoveries into patient benefits.

Come and meet Ulrika Bäckman, National Coordinator for EATRIS Sweden, and explore how EATRIS can help your company quickly identify scientific & medical expertise and give access to the latest technologies and core facilities within the five technology platforms; ATMPs, biomarkers, small molecules, imaging & tracing and vaccines inflammation & immune monitoring. You only need one contact to foster academic collaboration to support your development efforts.

EATRIS node, established in 2015, is financed by Vinnova and based at Uppsala University –

Registration deadline: 21.00, Monday May 6. 

You can choose to register for:
1) Workout (start 6.30-7.00), breakfast, and seminar (8.00-9.00) (if you register for the workout, you are automatically registered for the breakfast and seminar).
2) Breakfast and seminar (8.00-9.00)
3) Seminar (8.30-9.00)
The breakfast costs 40 SEK.
Work out options
6.30: Workout classes - Yin Yoga 55, Total Training 45.
07.00: Beachvolley, swimming, running (outside), climbing, working out on your own.
08.00: Breakfast.
08.30: Seminar.

About the workout
If you have an IKSU Card you book the group training on your own. 
If you don't have an IKSU Card and want to attend a group training, please email: at least one week in advance. 
If you don't have an IKSU Card, you pay 155 SEK for the training. If you run outside, you can shower for free at IKSU. 


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